It has been awhile since I updated the blog and the main reason for this is that I have had one topic that has been playing on my mind. One day it becomes infuriating and another I find myself accepting that its just the way the fashion industry works. So I wanted to wait and not delve into a tirade about until my thoughts had settled. The topic I’m referring to is Copyright.

I've always been prepared for the possibility of our designs being reproduced, and over the past two years we have seen over 20 of Beara Beara designs appear in some of the biggest high street chains. Its generally accepted that these chains will copy everyone from small designers to high-end fashion houses. So up until now I have agreed with most who said I should take it as a compliment.
But recently something unexpected happened; several of our designs have been reproduced by one of our main competitors.

Obviously, for legal reasons, I'm not at liberty to name names, however, this British based leather satchel brand has recently integrated several of our styles into their collection. I guess they've decided that now, with several millions of pounds of yearly revenue, that their original design in its array of colours and sizes is no longer sufficient. One can find close copies of our twist clip Celia satchel, the easy open clips of our Santa Anna satchel and a similarly shaped Stefano backpack. Am I merely being petty and maybe I should just accept that nothing in the world is unique anymore?

Everyone at Beara Beara is proud of what we do. We pride ourselves on our creativity, our hard work and the exciting future we are building for the company as a whole. So it's sad to see a company which we have looked up to from the beginning become so distasteful. I'm speaking out about this now, not because we want to stain the company’s reputation but because we do not have the financial backing or contacts to protect our designs and fight a huge company with legal proceedings. This is my humble attempt to remain completely transparent in the hope that we wont see any of our current best sellers - Tito backpack, Camino satchel, Susan handbag, Emilia doctors bag, Jack hold-all - on their website in the coming months. You only live once so lets all get along, continue to grow and be happy!

On a more cheerful note, in December I had the pleasure of attending a talk by fashion accessories designer Anya Hindmarch. Though a brand I have admired for several years, I knew very little about the person. I've always been too headstrong to admit to having heroes/heroines in the past, however I'm proud to say that this woman is one. The company she has created is admirable, and I found her knowledge of business and the fashion sector incredibly insightful. However, what struck me most is how eloquently she speaks, and how grounded she continues to be despite her incredible success. I also found her advice on how to balance work and home life very touching, herself having brought up three children during her busy years of growing the brand. I'm aware I talk about Anya Hindmarch as a school boy would about his crush on a teacher, but mostly I'm thankful to have someone in the industry to admire.

Jake Bullough

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