Beara Beara and Fiona have had a connection for several years, however it wasn’t until a meeting between Jake (Beara Beara founder) and Fiona, in Shanghai in 2017 that we realised how much we have in common. As a brand we believe in a living life and approaching any given situation with certain values and these common beliefs are what cemented our connection.

It was during this meeting that Jake and Fiona began discussing a collaboration. They were both of the opinion that it had to be something special, something that would stand out and really be a representation of our connection and friendship. Three main points came from this meeting.

We would not rush into production. We would explore various ideas, styles, approaches. We would investigate in depth how each one would transpire into the physical product.

We would base the design around two topics that inspired us both. Vintage style and Adventure.

We would include a personalised element to the design that would give that personal touch.

As the months progressed a focus emerged that the bag would be a handbag inspired by an old suitcase. No longer do people lug heavy suitcases around by hand, however this has meant that the old style suitcase has been lost. We wanted to preserve the excited feeling that people once had when waiting on the platform to board a steam train. The excitement of the adventure ahead into the unknown. The interesting shapes would be used to create a stylish handbag, practical, quality and a head turner.

The design was a drawing together of two creative minds. The lines, the functionality, the accessories, the lining, the branding; all discussed in detail with the result being a homage to those who appreciate creativity and adventure.

The finished piece resembles a miniature vintage suitcase and opens with a beautiful rounded clip. Two central straps down the front and riveted corner sections were a must. Inside you will find a British tartan lining, again a unique touch that was inspired by the amazing stream train that still exists in the Scottish highlands.

The Fiona can be carried in your hand, swung by your side in a happy-go-lucky way. It can also be worn over one shoulder or across the body using the removable leather shoulder strap. The third option is to use the antique brass chain which gives the bag a more chic evening look.

One additional and important detail with the Fiona is the leather luggage tag. Again taking inspiration from old suitcases we created a leather piece to hand tidily from the back of the bag. On this we have inscribed a dual Fiona X Beara Beara logo on one side and on the other you will find Fiona’s favourite quote, ‘Great Things Take Time’. We also love this quote as nothing good in life should be rushed and we like to think this quote represented the entire collaboration.


On Fiona’s visit to London she spent time with Jake discussing the project, the design, the style and how we started out with an idea that was now an amazing physical product. It had been over a year in the making but everyone was delighted with the result. Jake and Fiona’s friendship has also grown in this time and it just proved that people who work together with aligned goals and ambitions can result in something great. Everyone is super excited for the launch as we are sure the Fiona will be an ever present part of our collection.


"Great Things Take Time"