The Alex was launched in 2014 and was an instant hit. An old binoculars case was the inspiration. Battered and bruised from 50 years of use, this old bag had been pasted down through several generations and sat in a quiet corner of the house. It had scars and reminders of travels to far flung places and still housed the original binoculars.

The rounded front was the most striking aspect of the original design. We took this overall shape and the Alex handbag was born. Within a year we adjusted the design and launched the bigger capacity backpack. This was also popular and over the years both were featured on countless blogs, social media platforms and print media.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Mini was born. Due to popular demand we now offer the Mini version of our Alex handbag in natural black and brown matt leather. The cute little sister has become our most recent best selling handbag.

The tartan lining gives Alex a distinctive vintage British vibe.

The Alex has been one of our best-sellers for many years and we are excited by the feedback we have received so far.

Add personal embossing on the Alex Make the classic uniqle

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