— We launched the Alex many years ago with great success. Many of you have complimented us on the distinctive vintage design and we feel very grateful for your kind words. We have also received so many great customer photos from around the world. It’s always a pleasure looking at your stylish outfits and smiling faces! After much debate, we decided to make a smaller version that would serve one main aim: be as small as possible while having enough space for those daily essentials. 

— With a soft feminine shape, the Alex Mini carries those things that you never want to be without : little notebooks, passport, sets of keys, a mask, makeup and your phone of course. Super pretty yet practical like no other mini bag before. This new Alex has a special blue, pink and black tartan lining and a chic push lock on the front. It comes with a choice of either a leather shoulder strap or an elegant brass chain. 

— Like many of you already know, the Alex was born out of our love for an old binoculars case, as this inspiration reminds us of our love of adventure and nature. It’s clearly playful in its shape but useful in form and we expect it to be an integral part of our winter mood.

— So, we hope that this special new mini bag reminds you of autumn’s subtle spirit, while inviting you to think about the key elements that are close to your heart.