In January 2021 we watched the inauguration of Joe Biden with minimal interest until the appearance of Amanda Gordan. We were gripped by the inspiring words of the young American poet. There was no question that we needed to create a bag with Ms Gorman as our inspiration.

Firstly we decided the Amanda bag needed to be different. It needed to surprise and exceed expectations just like her powerful performance did. We spent two months searching for a new leather and landed on a super soft nubuck. It is beautiful and luxurious to the touch yet thick enough to remain quality. Another bonus is that this leather is very lightweight so the bag is a mere 300 grams. We tested the leather in a multitude of colours before finally landed on navy which we all agreed best suited the style we were trying to achieve.

The next task was the design of the bag. We chose a fairly typical structure for the bag, giving it some rigidity while also leaving enough flexibility to make it comfortable against the body. We decided to use a large metal ring as the bags main focus which gives it a sense of confidence and that statement feel.

The final product was quite different from anything that we have ever created before however we still wanted to add an additional wow factor. We wanted something that people wouldn't expect and we settled on adding a delicate silk scarf to the design. By hanging this on the top ring it demands attention and as Amanda inspired us with her poetry we hope this bag will inspire others to stand for what they believe in.

The Amanda is a limited edition and comes with a £55 Beara Beara silk scarf.