B r a n d

V a l u e s

Beara Beara designs, manufactures and sells leather bags. This is our primary remit, however, as a company I feel that the brand represnts so much more than that.

We try approach every situation and every day with a set of positive values. These dominate how we work as a team and how we see Beara Beara in relation to society and the world in general. We believe that business is not only a way to make money but also enables you to make a difference in the world so I wanted to share these with everyone.

STYLE, INDIVIDUALITY, CONFIDENCE. We encourage a sense of pride in individuality and embracing uniqueness. We do not blindly follow trends but design a product that stands out from the crowd and enhances a persons overall look. Be original, be confident.

ADVENTURE. Life is for living. Embrace the diversity in the world. Experience life without fear or preconceptions. Learn and laugh and grow as a person. Be open minded and a positive path will present itself.

EMPATHY. We live in a divided world where humanity can be sorely lacking. We believe in treating everyone with equal respect. Help those who need a hand up in life. Promote empathy, as understanding, is the natural consequence. Be responsible for your actions or lack of.

AMBITION. Aim big. Never give up. Achieve the unachievable. Be entrepreneurial. Be proactive. Don't accept the status quo but think and act the way the makes sense to us. Find the positives, engage people, make a difference. Achieve, both commercially and socially.

QUALITY. We believe in producing a quality product with a long lifespan. Discourage needless waste and a senseless consumerism. Own fewer but better things and take pride in them as thy represent who you are. A bag should be made of quality material, constructed in a way that it can bare the tests of time and made by someone who takes pride in their work.

OPPORTUNITY. We believe in creating opportunities for others. No one wants a handout or a temporary solution to poverty or hardship. People have pride and simply want to support their families and better themselves. We can give people this opportunity.

COMMUNITY. Surround yourself with those who live life in a positive way and you will be swept along. Be generous with your time, your efforts, your praise and your profits. Be generous and you will see this returned ten fold.

We hope that owning and wearing a Beara Beara showcases that you also believe in these basic principles of having an open, determined and positive approach to life. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Jake Bullough

Founder, Beara Beara