Caramel Collection


Some things in life have strong associations. Everything from colours, smells, tastes, sounds, touch, etc, can trigger something within our subconscious and can influence us hugely. One of the most prevalent for me is Caramel. It holds strong connections to my childhood when my Grandmother would reward me with my favourite treat. Even today when I encounter the smell, taste or even the colour, I get transported to the warm embrace, the comforting arms of my Grandma.

It was with this in mind that we created a new leather. We decided that it should have three main components; caramel colour for warmth, matt finish for contentment and light for comfort. We wanted to play with these subconscious associations and see if they play a part in the products that we choose to use, the way we behave and how people perceive us. After all, the products that we use do represent us and influence how we are viewed by the world around us.

So the Eden handbag and the Murphy backpack have now been released in our new Caramel colour.

We hope they will, in some small way, portray or mirror certain familiar traits, possibly warmth, maybe a comforting embrace, even a sense of openness and optimism to those around you.