M a n j u

Creating The Perfect Small Handbag

A final design is made up of many influences. Aesthetics, functionality, practicality, usability, materials, overall look, hardware, linings, construction, branding, interior. The perfect design is marrying these in a way that they complement each other and no one factor dominates a finished piece in a way that compromises another.

We play with shapes and sizes and discuss how the bag will be used, who will use the bag, where they will use it, why they will use it. This overall picture influences little aspects of the bag that flow into the finished design.

It's a fun and interesting process and we look for as many opinions and feedback from the entire team. Jake is still our head designer but he takes on board our newest intern's opinion just as much as Ines, our Head of Production. It's a team effort and something that bonds us as a group.

The Manju became one of our most popular designs, in part due to it's simplicity and also due to it's overall classic yet chic overall feel. The fact that you can swap the leather strap for a chain has also been a nice feature that can subtly transform it from a daytime to evening bag.

The Manju is now available in a beautiful black satin finish leather. We would never claim to create the perfect handbag however it is our team's combined contribution.