D e s i g n

C o l l a b o r a t i o n s

We have been designing bags of all sorts of shapes, styles and colours for the past five years. Some of which have become best sellers, while others have failed to capture the imagination and have been phased out. We try to take a concept and a story and transform it with inspiration from various aspects of life or style. Sometimes the design is dominated by the materials, sometimes it's the practicality or usability of bag and very often its the final overall look of the piece that dominates the design. We have designed everything in house and try to create trends rather than follow them.

Over the years we have also worked with quite a lot of the world's biggest fashion bloggers. We choose to work with people who we admire, who's style we love, who's outlook on life is aligned with our own. Two of these that stood out were the Taiwanese 'Twins'. Their style is subtle and classic and simply stylish. Their blog shows great insights into the world of young fashionable women and their imagery has been some of the best we have seen. These are the reasons that we decided to collaborate and design two limited edition bags.

The first was designed by Manju and is a small classic handbag. The antique brass clip gives the bag a feature while keeping the overall look modest and classy. One thing that Manju decided for this bag was to have the option to have an optional leather shoulder strap along with a brass chain. It's a great idea and gives you options to change a cute day bag into a slightly more glamorous evening bag.

The next design is another clever interchangeable design. Lila's design is a rigid box bag with a small top handle. Her idea was depending on the day to have the option to wear it either as a handbag or a backpack. Clip one shoulder strap onto the top and swing it over one shoulder for easy access and everyday use. Want to go for a longer walk or prefer to have your hands free then attach both straps and off you pop with a very cute box backpack.

It has been a great experience working with both Manju and Lila and we thank them for their insights and ideas, but mostly for being two very inspiring individuals.