Dove Leather Hangtag

The menacing reality in the world around us today, is being played out like a disaster movie. Unfortunately, we aren’t observers but players, fighting, resisting or going into isolation as the invisible menace thrives. Every moment reminds us of how fragile we really are, and how redundant our social and economic ‘busy-ness’ has become in the face of such uncertainty.

What we once attached so much of importance to seems to have soured and our spirits inevitably flounder. We are deprived of those moments of friendship, sharing and freedom that we once took so inexplicably for grant. We did not realise that they were in fact our ballast.

Like everyone else in London the Beara Beara team is home-bound, physically cut off from the world around, confined. This has not stifled our spirits but instead enlivened our resolve to lift our brand to new heights during these turbulent times. It’s simply a question of quit or fight and laying down in the face of adversity is not an option.

Our discussions have been long, arduous and emotional as we relooked at what we hold dear in our lives, why we do what we do, why we choose what we choose and most importantly the very spirit of Beara Beara and how it both reflects and expresses our genuine purpose. The very least that we can do for our loyal community is stay to true to our beliefs.

Conclusively, we feel that the two most valuable virtues that we can encourage to flower are the powers of Love and Hope. Both are charged with life-changing energy: the first to nurture and keep us human, and the second to inspire trust and optimism.

We realize and appreciate that in these times when life is so fragile, how important our loved ones, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours are to us; how we need to acknowledge the value of their presence in our lives, what we need to tell them, before we never get a chance again. It is the pure strength of Love that keeps us alive and together.

We realize that in these difficult times, Hope is what we need to nourish our belief in the possibilities and opportunities of a future. This power nourishes our hearts and minds and raises us from the uncertainty of the present.

The Dove represents these two nurturing and uplifting powers of Love and Hope. This is our message of support to you, our community. So hang your doves on the side of your bag and stay positive throughout your day, knowing that your carrying two eternal powers with you wherever you may go.

Let your doves raise up uninhibited,
stretch their wings and worry not about the present but appreciate the absolute liberty that will soon return to us all.

Never forget

Love & Hope

A Message from our Founder, Jake Bullough