F i o n a

C o l l a b o r a t i o n

Fiona is a talented stylist whom I met several years ago. Originally from Shanghai but based in Germany, Fiona was just starting out on her blogging journey. We had a lot in common especially our obsession with everything vintage, also our love of travelling and our appreciation of quality. Fiona began to use our bags on a daily basis and was kind enough to share our story and our products with her followings.

Fast forward to 2018 and during a catch up in Shanghai, we began discussing creating a special bag together. Beara Beara has done several collaborations in the past, however due to our already existing friendship we both wanted to do something a little bit special. We discussed what we both love and again the two aspects to appear were Vintage Style and Adventure.

Over a six month period we discussed both our ideas and settled on a handbag inspired by a classic old briefcase. We both loved the style although they are not used often anymore due to being quite impractical. We would transform this look into a stylish, unique, quality handbag.

The bag developed over time with new features and adjustments with each sample in production. Fiona took time to consider the tartan lining that is a feature of the design and also importantly what accessories would feature on the bag. We settled on a beautiful round front clip and also added the additional feature of being able to wear the bag with a leather strap, intended more for daytime use, or with a brass chain, which gives the bag a little extra class.

The bag was nearing completion and we again started brainstorming about adding a little extra something. This is where we settled upon a personalised leather hangtag, again inspired by old luggage tags. This would feature a co-branded logo on one side and Fiona’s favourite quote on the other.

The bag was finally finished and I was delighted to have Fiona visit us in London. Seeing her with the finished product was fantastic. She had had slight concerns about the size, however luckily enough I was right to insist that it was just big enough for a days essentials while not being a burden to carry. We had a great time hanging out, taking photos, discussing the past year and endlessly looking at what we had created together.

It was a fun and at times challenging project, however I think we both could not be happier with the end result. Thanks should also go out to our workshop for their patience with our endless adjustments and additions and for their as ever existent determination to create the best products possible.

Thank you for reading.

Jake Bullough

Beara Beara Founder & Designer