F i o n a

M i n i

We launched the Fiona several months ago with great success. It was a bag we had worked on for a year and we were all very excited for the launched. Since then many of you have been enjoying their unique little suitcase style handbag. We have received many customer photos from around the world and we thank everyone for their great photos. It's a joy to see so many smiling faces.

After several discussions with Fiona we made the decision that a smaller version would also work really well. The Fiona itself is a fantastic size to fit all of your daily needs like little notebooks, big sets of keys, makeup, larger purses etc. However, we felt that some people travel super light these days so a smaller version that can hold your essentials was also a good option.

The Mini has the same beautiful shapes and lines, however is more compact and lighter. It has the same special tartan lining and we have replaced the central round clip with a smaller push clip on the front. The bag comes with a choice of either a leather shoulder strap or a chic brass chain and don't forget you also get the free leather hangtag with the co-design logo plus Fiona's favourite quote. Or you can forgo the quote and pop your initials on their instead.

Thank you again to Fiona for working with us so diligently over the past year. It's an experience that we will never forget and we hope this friendship that we have build will be never fade.

Have a beautiful summer everyone.