When we think about inspirational characters throughout the past centuries, Florence Nightingale is surely a given. The social reformer changed how nursing was viewed and is one of Britain's heroes of the nineteenth century. We imagine her selflessly caring for those injured during the Crimean War and later formalising nursing education dressed in her long flowing black dresses. She was not known for her style however we think our newest release named after the first woman awarded the Order of Merit, could have sat nicely by her side. We imagine it filled with all her daily essentials for caring for the injured or carrying her paperwork for when she set up the Nightingale School of Nursing.

When considering the type of bag Ms Nightingale might have worn we first decided that it would have to robust, to survive those difficult and challenging environments. We felt it had to have several compartments for her equipment and also a long shoulder strap so she could tend to patients and walk from ward to ward hands free. We also felt it had to be rather basic, simple, non flashy. Looking at our final design I think we got those attributes correct and what's resulted is quite a classic look with no frills. A good solid small satchel to be by your side without fuss or applause.