F r i d a

F r i e n d s.

Compatible, but with their own personalities. Every year we launch a new handbag that we get very excited about and this year the theme of friendship was on our minds. Our offering this year is a little bit different. Not only a cute handbag but the same design as a backpack. Designed for best friends; matching but different.

Let's firstly look at the design. Handcrafted from natural leather the Frida comes in our traditional rich brown colour. The front clip is a feature and brings the eye to the centre of the bag. The top handle elevates the design from rather simple to quite unique. The inside features a one-of-a-kind tartan. The design has hints of the 1930s where women traditionally wore long dresses and overcoats and liked to hold their small handbags in their hands.

The handbag can be worn cross body where the body of the bag rests nicely against the hip. The slip pocket in the rear is practical for easy access to your phone. Place it down on the bottom brass feet or remove the strap to carry as a super cute accessory.

The backpack is our smallest ever backpack and possibly the cutest. Traditionally backpacks focus on being practical but here the Frida simply looks adorable. The front lock can be placed in two alternate positions where slightly larger items can be inserted. The clip on-and-off straps can simply be left at home if not needed.

F r i d a

is our small handbag offering for Autumn 2019 yet can be used at any time of the year for any occasion. Grab your best friend and swap and mix-and-match the Frida.