K o e y

The ‘Head-Turner’ Backpack

When you talk with people about backpacks, in general you get into a conversation about the practicality, the usefulness of a backpack. How good it is for your back, how convenient it is to carry all your stuff, how healthy it is for your back, how nice it is to have your hands free. All of this is true but at Beara Beara we don't believe in just being practical, just being convenient. We want to create bags that are made for every occasion, giving you style and a sense of confidence.

The Koey Handbag was launched in the Autumn of 2016 and has been a huge hit. It was a long process of designing and manufacturing our first large piece of hardware and quite a risk too. We didn't know if people would love it or hate it. We went with our gut feeling and to our amazement it has become one of our best selling bags.

The Koey Backpack is our little offering to those ladies out there who desire a backpack of substance with an edge of glamour. It is very much a backpack for laptops, books and other boring and practical items yet debatably more important it is a real head-turner.