J a q u e l i n e

Sometimes one of our designs stands out in a collection and last year it was the Jaqueline. It's a small Gladstone design with a top metal frame and beautiful curving line. It is such a distinctive and stylish handbag and was featured by lots of fashion bloggers. As a result we decided to form a small Jaqueline Collection and have now launched the Jaqueline Mini and the Jaqueline Backpack.

J a q u e l i n e

M i n i

The Mini is a real head turner and is perfect as an everyday small handbag. It's very cute worn cross body or it can be carried with the top handles. Inside there is a soft padded lining which gives a luxurious feel.

This is now our faster ever selling pre-order bag and as every bag is handmade we have limited stock so we expect will be sold out soon.

J a q u e l i n e

B a c k p a c k

The Jaqueline backpack is a special piece. It's simply beautiful and one of the most stylish backpacks that we have created.

Sling it over one shoulder for casual days, carry by the top handle for more formal occasions and wear as a proper backpack for those times when you need both hands free.