K o e y

The Art Piece

There are many inspirations in life and sometimes it's good to take a step back and observe. Art is very subjective and we love how a piece of artwork can have one meaning to one person and a completely different one to someone else.

How a piece of art is seen and how it makes you feel were our thoughts when we first discussed the idea of designing a bag that was more than simply aesthetically pleasing. We wanted our creation to evoke both thoughts of adventure and feelings of serenity while also having a strong personal appeal.

The Koey plaque was designed not only for it's overall look but also for it's unique detailing. As you look closer you can see swirling lines and curves, objects and movement. These, like all good art, evoke a variety of responses, depending on the viewer.

People ask what does it mean, or what is it? We simply invite you to have a closer look. How does it speak to you? Essentially there is no correct answer. However, given time, we hope the meaning will evolve for everyone who owns their own piece of Beara Beara art.