After we created Mouggan, we decided to design a completely different style of bag that would suit a slightly more formal or chic environment. We wanted a classic and classy handbag with the characteristics of elegance, confidence and bravery. We tried and tested many editions until finally, Mary was born.

It has a sophisticated look with a vintage shape and unique brass hardware. The top handle allows you to hold it in your hand or carry it linked on your arm. The small details of the brass feet on the bottom make the bag even more classic. The removable shoulder strap and a mobile pocket on the rear also make this bag very practical.

We also invited a famous actress, Jian Man-shu, to shoot images with us. She has been an actress, a director, an editor and a mother. Combing these roles means her life is very busy but also very colorful. Jian told us that ever since she was a child she has wanted to have her own farm. Feeding the animals, cooking by herself using organic ingredients and waking up with the beautiful view everyday is her dream so we thought what better place to shoot than in a farm.

If you are looking for something that is very unique and eye-catching but suitable for everyday use, then this is probably the bag for you.