Having an uncluttered life is something that has become an important part of our lives. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s just the appreciation of the simpler things in life. Gone are the desires for the latest status symbols. Gone is the need to be popular and the worship of celebrity. Gone are the frivolous distractions that feed consumerism. What we are beginning to appreciate is that a healthy life need not be complicated, it shouldn't be cluttered, full of needless distractions and worries. Spend your time with those who help you grow and surround yourself with things that bring joy to your life.

We are by no means experts on these topics, we are mere students, learning by the day. We have read inspiring autobiographies, we have watched documentaries inspired by a variety of cultural teachings, we have appreciated the approach to Scandinavian and Japanese design. We feel we are on a journey which is just beginning however the exciting thing is that we feel that we are on the right path.