Miss Patina —

Our inspirations come from all around us. Nature, simplicity but nothing more so than the vintage style of the past. We like to form a blend of old and new, a taste of tradition but also a practical end thought. We love it when we find people who share similar thoughts and inspirations and recently we encountered @Misspatina .

We think the combination of Miss Patina’s clothing and our leather bags make a wonderful look that radiates femininity, individuality and British style.

A flowing shirt paired with our Jacqueline Mini creates a retro-meets-modern mood. Wearing the Fiona backpack with an iconic British trench coat works wonders. How about a beautifully tailored checked dress matched with our classic Santa Anna Mini by your side?

We aren’t technically stylists but we think that matching your Beara Beara with Miss Patina works incredibly well. Check out more about Miss Patina here here.