M u r p h y

When we plan a new design one of the key elements to it is Inspiration. What inspires us to make this design and why. The key word is ‘Why’. It’s not for money, it’s not for fame, it’s not for charity. The why is a combination of factors however what we have discovered is that it revolves around inspiration. We create something that has a meaning or purpose or put simply our inspirations.

The Murphy was based around one core value: Adventure. This is such an intrinsic part of our lives that we sometimes forget that we should discuss it more. Never a week goes by when one of our team is not venturing to various parts of the world. When we travel we feel more connected to the world, a part of something greater than a small community. It instils a sense of purpose and increases our appreciation of life.

I myself began travelling the world with my parents at a young age, which opened my eyes to all the wonderful things the planet has to offer. As a teenager instead of studying for exams I read travel books that inspired me to want to explore. I read all the greats; V.S Naipaul, George Orwell, Paul Theroux, Mark Twain etc, however there was one writer that for me stood head and shoulders above the rest. Her name is Dervla Murphy and I found her captivating. Her selfless and unbiased approach to any given situation, her honesty and courage really moulded my approach to life and to how I engage with people on a daily basis.

So the Murphy Backpack is my humble offering to show my gratitude to the extraordinary woman hat is Dervla Murphy. May her writing continue to inspire others to embrace adventure and experience all that our amazing world has to offer.