Murphy Backpack

Now available in olive.

We often sit as a team and discuss where our strengths and weaknesses lie as a brand. We brainstorm and debate the pros and cons of new ideas. It was during one of these sessions that the idea of a military green type backpack was floated. We discussed the design of the bag first and quickly realised that we envisioned something very similar to the Murphy backpack which was soon to be released. So comfortable in the concept, we focused our energies on the leather. We contemplated canvas but felt this would veer too far away from what we have been creating up until now. It would have definitely been a cheap and easy option which is not really our way so we set our minds on creating a kickass military green leather.

We are calling it Olive Green, a hint towards a more natural world rather than war and chaos. I won't bore you with the details of the difficulties involved in how the leather is created, however I will attempt to describe the result. The leather first and foremost has a beautiful matt finish. It looks incredibly luxurious, premium not pretentious, while at the same time natural. It's got an almost effortlessly stylish presence, which may seem ridiculous however you will understand what I mean when you see it. Almost like a movie star, an effortless confidence, attracting attention without even trying.

— The touch and feel of the leather is what we are most proud of. It feels beautiful to the touch while remaining strong and robust. It flexes nicely during manufacturing which is a good sign for its longevity in life.

— The Murphy in Olive is a new venture for us that has been over 8 months in the making and we can't wait to see what everyone else thinks of it. It adds a touch of personality to your daily look, veering away slightly from the traditional black or brown, however importantly remaining classic. The leather is water resistant so for those of you in the UK or similar climates you need not worry about getting caught in showers as the leather will not mark.

— So with the combination of our most comfortable and stylish backpack, the Murphy, along with this new leather that does not exist anywhere else, we are excited to see if everyone else loves it as much as we do.

This backpack is built for adventures in life, paying homage to the incredible Irish travel writer Dervla Murphy. Our little challenge obviously pales in comparison but we often like to take inspiration from her quotes and we think this one is particularly apt when deciding to take on a challenge.

“On my tenth birthday a bicycle and an atlas coincided as gifts, and a few days later I decided to cycle to India...However, I was a cunning child so I kept my ambition to myself, thus avoiding the tolerant amusement it would have provoked among my elders.”

—— Dervla Murphy