Make Your Leather Bag Unique

When we started personalising bags several years ago, it was a lovely experience to create something a little bit special for each individual customer. It developed into an experience and an opportunity to engage with people and learn what they hold close to their hearts. Understanding and connecting with customers should not be a luxury and is a very important part of our philosophy.

It was with this in mind that we began to design a new, more exclusive script. We wanted a less formal or common font, a more personal image that people would hold dear. Aesthetically we also wanted something less imposing, something that would compliment the old-school style of our bags. The final script that we have designed gives the impression of being handwritten, almost signature like.

Having looked into all sorts of modern laser machines and hi-tech solutions, we choose to stick with our traditional roots. The traditional machines that we use take a lot of skill, time and patience, however we were determined to stay true to the handcrafted aspect of the brand.

So after a year of development and testing, we are proud to release our Handwritten font which we believe adds a lot of personality to each bag we create. It adds a personal touch, a small unique differential making every bag a one-of-a-kind.