— At Beara Beara we have a team spread over several countries. The connection we have is personal, an ingrained motivation that keeps us going besides branding and sales. For us, success is defined not solely by profit, but how we treat our customers, how we make use of our resources and the impact that we have on the communities we serve.

— For several years we have looked at ways we can contribute to the welfare of our employees in Bolivia. We train them in the ways of work and educate them on various skills throughout the workshops. This has provided its fair share of challenges however we have found that looking after their mental health is just as important as their physical.

— At the start of 2020 we have been funding various groups to visit the factory and give talks and lessons. Most recently we organised a visit from a sexual health foundation called Marie Stopes. Beara Beara now financially supports the sexual health needs of over fifty employees and will continue to educate and empower those that put their trust in us.

— As our journey continues, our shared passion is transforming purpose into action. We want to thank you for being part of our community, for believing in us and our values, we hope that wearing Beara Beara will help you feel close to the principles that we live by and welcome a positive approach to your life.