Sometimes it feels that a lot of the attention we receive is based around the work that we do here in London so we wanted to take some time to show a few clips from our workshops in Bolivia. Our employees work incredibly hard there. Their aim everyday is to create each and every bag with attention to detail and with pride. In this video you will get a glimpse of one of our most valued employees, Oscar, who works in a variety of departments. He is in charge of selecting the best leathers and cutting and organising every piece of leather before it moves to the bag making section. This is an incredibly important job and we hope by watching this video Oscar will receive some recognition for his hard work. More than their Christmas gift baskets and bonuses, what our crafts-men and women like most at this time of year is to feel appreciated. They work tirelessly running up to our busy season and knowing that their hard work and dedication is appreciated around the world is what makes them and their families so proud.