Leather Cross Body Bag

We are always looking at the diversity of people’s style in London. There is an eclectic mix of every type imaginable. We admire people’s sense of self-expression and wonder where we fit with their aesthetic. Our brand can range from quite formal to casual street style.

Our new launch epitomises the street style. It's a cool casual. It’s knowing you look cool without making too much effort. It’s possessing enough confidence to ignore trends and know that it’s this confidence that people remember.

So with this confidence in mind we are launching the Phoenix. It is modelled on an old-school curved shape and worn casually across your front. The top section and strap are made from rigid leather to give it that hard-wearing and long lasting feel and the body is made from a more flexible leather giving it comfort and ease of use. There are separate pockets for your wallet, keys etc, another on the front for your phone and on the rear a safe pocket for valuables.

Every man needs a bag they can use as a day bag. We have a wide range for women so here we are saying to all the guys out there that we haven’t forgotten about you (although we are quite sure this bag is going to be quite popular amongst the ladies also). There’s no need to stuff your pockets full every day or carry that large satchel or backpack just in case. Throw this bag across your front or wear it in reverse around your back and spend your day hands free without worry or hassle.

As we say in London, ‘Baggin bag innit bruv’.