Rosie was a teenager when we recruiter her back in 2013. She quickly showed us her tenacity and before long became head of her department. Every day her and her colleagues work at the same table doing an assortment of jobs like inserting rivets, attaching hardware or glueing linings. Rosie is one of our only employees who works across different departments, as you can see here working one of the sewing machine on specific days. This takes incredible focus and finger strength especially while stitching our larger satchels and backpacks. It was our aim to create an atmosphere in our workshops where everyone is motivated and focused however with the freedom to enjoy their time at work. It is their main source of socialising and we often find them hanging out at work on their days off. There is generally a fun atmosphere with music playing and inevitable gossip and chatting about their lives and families. There is also the occasion drama, however we prefer this to be the case rather than everyone being self-conscious or afraid to be open and express themselves. Lunch is provided around a large table (in shifts during Covid times) and is their main meal of the day. Kids join their parents after school to do their homework alongside before they finish for the day.