S i m p l i c i t y

In life the most beautiful things tend to be simple. Overcomplicated designs make for confusion, uncomfortable to the eye, uncertainty.

It was back in 2015 when we created the Alex Handbag. We sat in our studio, playing with shapes and lines and concepts. We took inspiration from an old binoculars case which had a distinctive vintage vibe. We imaged people in the 19th century with elegant suits and Herringbone flat caps. Finally, we stripped back the design for Alex to reveal herself as a naturally beautiful rounded design and featuring a fun British red tartan lining.

Over the past three years Alex has consistently been in our top three best sellers and now we are releasing a black edition. We know how much some of you love a simple black handbag and the Alex gives you everything that you need; reliability, style, individuality, practicality, endurance etc.

We aren't going to promote the Alex with bells and whistles, she is a humble and simple soul that at the end of the day will be your loyal and trustworthy companion for many years.