Son de Flor —

We discovered Son de Flor, a linen clothing brand a while ago. We share a similar approach to creating a sustainable life and having a positive impact on the world as a whole. We also share a similar style and we think our bags fit really nicely with their timeless dresses so we are glad to introduce Son de Flor to you today.

The tale of Son de Flor started with two sisters Indre and Vaida, who, weary from chasing seasons in fast fashion, decided to slow their world down a little by creating permanent beauty. They chose linen to create pieces of luxury and comfort, elegance and practicality.

Son de Flor’s linen dresses seem to be a beautiful backdrop to frame our handbags. We both believe in simplicity and vintage style, while also instilling a sense of uniqueness and confidence. Furthermore, we both believe that business is not only a way to make money but is also an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.

Let’s say hello to our new friend Son de Flor!