One thing that we have missed more than expected over the past year is art. We often draw inspiration from fine art, more specifically oil paintings and several months ago we began discussing a collaboration with the talented Swiss photographer Daniela Constantini. We were intrigued by her amazing still-life imagery reminiscent of masterpieces from by-gone centuries. Her meticulously arranged scenes are simply beautiful compositions, and by using a low vantage point, soft light and dark shadows, she imbues the scene with a sense of drama which is entirely lost in today's world of social media imagery.

We discussed how Daniela takes inspiration from Impressionist still-life paintings, the rich symbolism, the changing nature of the delicate flowers, the interesting textures and organic shapes of fruit. We saw how pared-down compositions offer a simple framing and old furniture with dark shadows create an almost sinister backdrop.

We are mere art admirers and our real passion is appreciating others attention to detail, creativity and skill. With Daniela our aim was to utilise our vintage designs in order to create imagery that would transport you to a by-gone era and we believe the images speak for themselves.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniela for her inspiring work.