Ting has been a friend of Beara Beara since our early days. She met Jake in a market in East London where he began the brand in 2012 and they have remained friends since. In this time Ting has focused her energies on her two wonderful kids and thankfully last year she was able to find time to work with us on a new design. We started with the idea that the bag would be used as an everyday staple, big enough for all the daily essentials of a young mother yet not too big to be cumbersome. We choose an easy open clip on the front to make access super easy on those occasions when one of your hands is already preoccupied. We went with a very robust leather, knowing that handbags do tend to get a battering on a daily basis. This bag will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life.

On the inside we wanted to create something special. Ting brought her creative side to the fore and designed a beautiful and meaningful embossing. She started with the concept of four key elements with each one representing something that she holds dear. Here she explains each one.

Teddy bear - I have loved Teddy Bears since I was a little girl. It became my signature as I always add this little teddy bear after my name when I write letters.
Cupcake - I have a passion for baking. I always dreamt of being a baker. The cupcake is a combination of my hobby and my dream.
Coffee - Coffee is my spirit. Especially being a mum, it's my everyday drink.
Electrocardiogram/Heart - It means a lot to me. Being a woman, no matter what age we are, we need to learn to embrace yourself. Everything starts with love and have the ability to love.

These symbols represent aspects of life that both Beara Beara and Ting share and our hope is that when you open the bag on a daily basis you will also be reminded of these.

To finish the bag off we chose a rather homely inner lining with a slip pocket for your phone and a little lipstick holder for that all important accessory.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Ting for her time and commitment to this project. We had a lot of fun, especially with her kids practicing embossing and we hope you guys like what we have created together.