V i s i t o r s

A couple of months ago we had some extra special visitors to our little Kings Cross shop. Claire is a fashion blogger originally from Taiwan and who Beara Beara chose as one of the most influential and stylish bloggers at the moment. She visited the shop along with her three beautiful kids Zoe (8) and Sophia and Sydney (4). It was a fun couple of hours not only talking about style with Claire but having a lot of fun with the three kids.

I wanted to write about the visit because it brought home how, in business as in life, how important it is to know genuine and inspiring people. Claire juggles her life of bringing up her young family, with work in fashion and everyone at Beara Beara agrees she does this with style and grace.

Zoe picked out a new schoolbag and I think you'll agree she looks adorable posing with her Mom in front of the shop. Sophia and Sydney are the cutest little monkeys ever and even though they had no interest in the Bambina backpacks we wanted them to wear, they brought real joy to the shop and left us all smiling for days.

I am very ambitious with where I want to see Beara Beara in the future , however, this visit was a prime example of how important it is to remain grounded and enjoy new friendships along the way.

Stay tuned for a Claire and Beara Beara collaboration bag!

Jake Bullough