— When we create a new bag we like to think about the look, the quality, the materials etc, however what we never forget is the purpose. What is the purpose for this bag to exist? The Zoey’s purpose is peace of mind. It’s purpose is to keep your valuables safe and near yet super accessible. Almost an extension of yourself. By your side at all times, reliable, trustworthy, quiet and unassuming.

— During lockdown last year and still, we sometimes find venturing outside for a walk to be the highlight of our day. Gone are the complaints about the cold, gone are the worries about deadlines or obligations, gone are the frivolous complaints. Just fresh air filling your lungs, magnificent clouds crossing the sky, tall trees swaying in the breeze, dogs chasing each other in gleeful ignorance.

— It is these trips out that the Zoey comes into its own. Keys tidily hidden away, cards at the ready, your phone just a twist away. Hands free to stroke the puppy, to carry your coffee or to hold your loved ones hand.

— The form and look of the Zoey is also perfect for personalising. The uncluttered front flap looks fantastic with a subtle initial in one corner or a more prominant name or important word in the centre.