We knew that celebrity endorsement was one of the best ways to promote a brand. People obviously admire celebrities, however, we would like to think our customers care more about our business model and products, than simply another person’s fame.

This is the reason we were delighted yet bemused to see Taylor Swift wearing one of our Santa Anna satchels on her latest tour. We did not pay the pop star to promote the brand, she chose to buy a Beara Beara bag and continues to wear it on almost every occasion. From all the hi-end brands she could wear she chose our style. We don’t know as yet whether she knows about Beara Beara’s ethical background but expect as much seeing as she is involved with charities such as UNICEF and Oxfam.

For the past month you can see Miss Swift sporting the satchel as she travels around Japan and Australia and also back in the US.





In all honesty the world of celebs baffles me, however ,we are now beginning to receive the recognition we have worked so hard for, and if it takes a pop star from Pennsylvania to make it happen, so be it. People are sitting up and taking notice, acknowledging that Beara Beara are setting trends, are excellent quality and inevitably good value for money.

Our Christmas period is shaping up nicely as we package up bags destined for far off exotic lands.

At this time of year we also spend a lot of time focusing on our next collection. January in Bolivia is a crucial time where these designs become reality. Seeing piles of sketches, walls full of ideas and inspirations, cut outs of all funny shapes, you would not believe these are the initial stages of creating a collection. Our time sitting at the work -esks in Bolivia, working in collaboration with our suppliers will teach us what is possible and what is not. What works, how we can continue to improve, how we can continue to appeal to a broader audience, how we can create something that means something more than just another bag.