Beara Beara has always been a culmination of styles. From colourful, funky and alternative suede bags to the more clean, classic and professional briefcases. Our concept is that every person has a unique style and we strive to create a collection that appeals to a broad audience. Sure there is a general theme and look running through our two collections however as a whole our range is not as limited as most fashion professionals would recommend. In any case no single person has just one style. It depends on the day, the season, your mood, the time of day, what you are doing that day, etc. So why limit ourselves to creating one type of bag for one type of person. So when we design we like to let the creativity flow and see what happens.

This season we have added two bags which we feel will broaden that appeal even more. Women, not girls, women have inspired these designs. Confident women in the world, strong independent, industry leading, outgoing, loving, strong women.

We have taken a thick flexible and soft black leather with a silky matt finish and combined it with an a unique brass plaque to give a sophisticated yet confident look.

The Manuela has been a year in the making and we are delighted with the result. Slung over a shoulder as a chic day bag or held as a clutch on evenings out, this bag is a beautiful and unique accessory which will no doubt attract a lot of attention.

The Carlita has been part of our collection for the past year however it was never in my eyes 100% complete. Having changed the leather into a soft black finish makes the bag a lot more supple and flexible yet still strong for carrying all sorts of daily essentials. Wear it with the back facing out on days fro a more subtle classic look and turn it around to showcase the unique plaque on nights out to add a bit of bling.

Thank you everyone for reading and thank you to all the women out there for your inspiration.