Introducing Ines

Ines, Beara Beara’s Head of Production, was recently interviewed by a large Asian Magazine so we thought we would post it up so you can see what she had to say!

Introducing Beara Beara’s Ines Kuhl in her role as Product Developer and spread sheet fanatic

What is your main role and tasks at Beara Beara?
I work closely with Jake (the founder) on designing our new collections and also work with our suppliers in Bolivia on a day-to-day basis making them a reality.

My favourite part is to create new bags. I normally start collecting inspirations, new shapes and forms. Then I start drawing all bags ideas. Once we narrowed it down, I start doing the first pattern, choosing the type of leather and the accessories. For more complicate designs I do the first samples in a substitute material here in London. Once we have all designs ready for sampling I go over to Bolivia. There I work closely with the most experience bag makers and create the first samples.

So how often do you go to Bolivia?
We try to free up my schedule to be able to travel at least twice a year for a couple of weeks. I love to work with our talented and amazing team there and each time they also teach me new techniques to mould leather into the shapes we want. So we learn from each other which is great. But it’s hard to deal with the altitude sometimes as La Paz is the highest capital in the world and there is a constant lack of oxygen. I try not to be a foreign wimp, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the locals.

What the biggest change from originally working with garment brands to creating accessories?
The daily routine is total different. My last company was a high-end fashion brand which did a fashion show on each launch of a new season. So the work pressure was different. Everything revolved around the fashion show at the end, with stress, working 7 days week and hourly coffee and energy drinks. I enjoyed this for a while, but I prefer now to work with more patience and focus. You just can’t rush to create a bag, which has to last for many years, which often doesn’t apply for garments. The quality of a bag is based on a build up of 20-30 different steps in the work process of creating a bag.

What does it mean for you working with products from Bolivia?
My family on my mothers side has it’s roots in Bolivia, so since I was a small child I have been traveling to visit my family there. I always played with the idea to work on a fashion project in Bolivia so I was amazed when I got the opportunity to combine my love for Bolivia and my passion for fashion.

So I’ve been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the AW14 Collection. What piece are you most proud of?
It is hard to decide, I’m so close to each bag as they have been some time in the making. Its like a Mother cannot choose their favour child. Can they!? If I must then it would be the new Doctors Bag. We haven’t actually named it yet! It’s design is inspired by certain bags from the 19th century. It’s look has a timeless charm and I can carry around my whole life in it.

Beara Beara is almost two years old. How are you guys going to celebrate your anniversary?
We still haven’t decided a Spa treatment would be nice or maybe you can convince Jake to take us all to the Costa Rica for a month! I’m sure I would get lots of inspiration there. But no we generally enjoy quite simple pastimes like gokarting followed by a nice cold pint in our local Irish pub.

We will also be having a big day out with all our loyal customers in October so that’s going to be an amazingly cool day. Sorry I’m not allowed tell you about that quite yet!

So Beara Beara has come from nowhere and exploded in just two years. Where do you guys hope to be on your fourth year anniversary?
My dream for the brand is that we around the world and I’m able to stay for longer time in Bolivia to create more bags. I’d like to be available in twenty countries, we are half way there now, and expand our product ranges. I’d also like to incorporate some of my more ‘flamboyant’ designs into the collection so lets see.