Old-school and vintage influences often inspire the style of Beara Beara bags. Classic British style hints at images of old saddle bags or school bags or doctors bags maybe. Simple practical shapes, uncluttered styles, thick natural leather.

This year we decided to take part in a celebration of another British pride; tweed. Traditionally worn for outdoors activities like shooting and hunting, tweed still has it's admirers as could be seen last Saturday morning in Clerkenwell.


My two friends and I gathered with over a thousand other tweed clad cyclists to set off on a days meandering around London's backstreets. After an hour of admiring each others vehicles and uniforms we set off at a snails pace. Dumbfounded tourists snapped photos of this rather unusual sight and locals waved in amusement. 


Admittedly we are not the coolest nor most trendy of young men however it was all in good humour and the self consciousness did fade with time. 


A tea stop was a chance to talk to some jolly good chaps about our bags (of course we had to represent!) and a lunch break saw us partake in some well deserved gin and tonics. 


We followed our Geordie friend's unicycle around Hyde park and an identically dressed family of six had a fabulous side car contraption and gramophone to boot. 

All in all it was a fabulous day when we got to celebrate a well cherished British tradition and let the city know about Beara Beara's new range of bicycle bags. Oh yes did I not mention that we now have a range of epic bicycle pannier bags (only available in store).

So next year we will be inviting our best tweed clad friends to join us on a spiffingly good day out. Toodle-oo for now.