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Nobody knows us better than our Mother. Sometimes I think my mother knows me better than I know myself! Time is precious when you both live busy lives. She’s wiped my tears, brushed my hair, been my brightest cheerleader and toughest bodyguard simultaneously.  This year, take a minute to cherish these overlooked moments that matter. A card and a bunch of flowers (or a new handbag!) are available at a click of a button but nothing comes close to quality time.

When I think of special times spent with my mother I could choose from Christmas’ in front of the fire, the smell of her Sunday dinner simmering as our family laughs, fights and everything in between, all reconciled over her famous roast potatoes.

My mother is my muse and the hardest worker I've met. Nothing beats the feeling of putting my boots on, linking her arm and walking with her endlessly. Like myself, she loves switching off the whirlwind week of work and enjoying the crisp seasonal surroundings. Winter walks are lovely but Mother’s Day landing early means (hopefully) warmer temperatures and brighter days. The bluebells will be arriving soon which will make for a gorgeous Sunday walk with family. If you have a garden then get outside and give it a bit of a spruce – it is an extension of a home so by giving it some love you will be able to enjoy the view until those summer months when you can enjoy the space fully and remember that the seeds planted this Mothering Sunday.

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