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Unique Cloth and Leather Handbag


Rosie Andean is a best seller from our Unique Collection. The curvy silhouette is inspired by the shape of an old British saddle-bag. The front flap features an ethnic hand-woven cloth called an aguayo which is a traditional Bolivian craft. The cloths differ from bag to bag as they reflect each regions' style and traditions, making each of these bags a very limited edition.


Adjustable shoulder strap
Antique brass flip lock closure
Soft cotton lining
Unique hand-woven cloth


Leather : Cow Leather and Hand-woven Cloth
Inner Lining : 100% Cotton
Dimensions in cm :
Width 20, Height 16, Depth 7
Weight : 404g
Strap length : 136cm


Rosie Lowery: Started the Perfect Body photographic project to show the diversity of female bodies and to say "your body is good enough". She started the project at the age of 22 after realising the effect media had on her own self esteem. To do so, Rosie photographed women in a way that was all inclusive, focusing on the beauty of how each woman wanted to be perceived. Beara Beara promotes style and individuality. We admire Ms Lowery's approach to promote confidence in one's own body and not adhere to unrealistic social expectations. The Rosie Andean comes with a wide variation of patterned cloths making each bag, like every individual, a one-of-a-kind.