Enjoy the simple things in life. This is the idea around which I designed this latest collection. This is not a collection of spectacular designs, it is however an important extension of our best selling bags which consolidates and complements our permanent collection. I am so happy with what Beara Beara stands for; pride in originality, appreciation of quality, empathy with our suppliers and confidence in our modern world. We have no need to shout out in desperate search for attention, we simply have belief in who we are. I think this is the best way to approach life. Confident but not egotistic.

So we have been out exploring the countryside as has become the norm for Beara Beara. One of our photoshoots is not the average photoshoot. It's a chance to explore a new part of the UK, this time strolling along the beaches and sand dunes of the south coast. It's a group of friends spending the day together, enjoying the nature and the freedoms that we are so lucky to have.

This season we plan to spend less time indoors so have developed a few styles that are perfect for exploring. We are based in the UK however we are a very international brand so we don't only think about exploring the villages and back roads of the UK but also the glamorous coasts of the US, the metropolises of Asia, the mountains of France or the outback in Australia.

The Ruby Backpack I think will be this seasons best seller. It's made from thick yet soft and flexible leather and even though it’s not mind-blowing, it’s such a classic and subtly beautiful bag that I think it can fit into peoples lives perfectly. The colour is reminiscent of an earthy clay which again builds on that connection to the world around us.

The Flynn was developed as an extension from our Stefano design. It’s raw and rugged and has a very masculine style. This is a bag that screams confidence in a city where the dapper look is king.

The Lucy is a bag I believe will attract a lot of attention this season. It's a very unique shape and reiterates our desire to stay clear of trends and certain styles that a lot of brands tend to copy from one another. This is Beara Beara design and I think people appreciate that originality.

Everyone, well all girls at least, need a lovely little handbag right? So I’ve been told anyway. The Santa Anna design has been our best selling and most distinctive bag for some time now and has been featured the world over by bloggers and celebrities such as Taylor Swift and now for the first time we have made a mini version. I don’t think I need to explain more but we now have a bag that is not only classic but also classy!

The Dominic was launched last year and has been such a huge hit that we have made a smaller unisex version. It's a great women’ backpack if you carry a lot of things for the gym or for work and for guys I expect it to be used as an everyday bag. It's inspired by an old roll-top bicycle backpack and I have been using one on my work commutes for the past 6 months and I’m proud to say its my favourite Beara Beara bag.

The Georgie is another strong design which expands our range of daily or travel holdalls. This size is more accessible than the larger George and I expect it to sell extremely well to those who want a quality travel or gym bag. It’s firmly unisex as I have been using one this past month for my European weekends abroad and have received many compliments.

Our Unique Collection has also grown and features our vibrant new Orange and Sky Blue colours. What better way to celebrate the return of the sunshine with a colourful addition to your daily style. When it comes to colour it’s all about contrasts and an orange handbag with a green or black jacket or a blue backpack against the backdrop of a cream or grey top are exactly the images that inspired me to create this range. Who cares about subtleties, chose a colour and have some fun this summer.

Jake Bullough

Founder, Beara Beara