Sometimes, you lay eyes on a bag for the first time and it just makes you happy. The elements click into place and form a harmonious whole. The leather choice works for the desired structure, the bag feels modern, but not like it’s trying too hard. Sounds like the feeling of when spring finally arrives, right?

Well, meet Susie. Susie’s statement curves makes this bag a modern classic. Fashion Forward. Susie celebrates the turn of season as a Spring wardrobe staple.

Little wins are underrated. Getting your coffee for free at Pret. A room upgrade at a hotel. A passing compliment on your bag from a stranger. Leaving the office with that snippet of blue sky and crisp air. A shared glance and smile across an otherwise miserable tube journey.

A lot of these little wins are luck. But they don’t have to be. To make your day more productive and keep your positivity high, create your own little wins this Spring with Susie.

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Susie Black Campaign-24