Yoyo is a dear friend of Beara Beara and has been an inspiring character to us for several years. We co-designed the Yoyo backpack together in 2017 and due to it's success we have now made a brown version available.

Yoyo, like us, is passionate about travelling and style. For several years she has been sharing her experiences and life on social media with nearly a million followers. For us she stands apart as she is so down-to-earth and humble, qualities which in the fashion industry can be sorely lacking. Her beautiful smile and cheery disposition are infectious and we want to take this opportunity to thank Yoyo for being involved in our journey.

The Yoyo bag is a quirky little number. Firstly it's main feature is that it can be worn either as a handbag or as a cute backpack (we find most people prefer using it as a backpack). The top metal handle with leather centre piece gives the bag a unique look and makes the bag really cute to carry in your hand. The straps are intentionally quite long as the style is that it should be worn low on the back and the two way zip make it super simple to use. Overall the Yoyo is a great little number and now the brown edition gives a lot of flexibility when styling your outfit.

Happy summer everyone.